The Illuminati plans for London 2012 Olympics

The Illuminati plans for London 2012 Olympics

Inspired by Rik Clay’s work, I’ve made some research of my own.

In 2008 I posted a thread in this forum about the blatant Illuminati symbology displayed in the Olympics closing ceremony:

The 2008 thread (and this one as well) with embedded pictures can be found here as well:

I’ve also started writing a series of free articles about what is the real deal with the dark forces in this planet. Many people seem to be confused about who/what is exactly evil and who/what is good. I will go through the many occult symbols that the conspiracy community are used to and show an infallible way of seeing whether the symbol displays a tendency for good or evil. Tendency is a key word here because in the end it’s not just a black and white situation. You can find more information at the link above.

Some of the most obvious symbols in the 2008 Olympics closing ceremony were:

The shape of an eye formed by the Bird’s Nest stadium illuminated with red. A burning yellow pupil in the center. The colors fit the descriptions that witnesses have given before about reptilian eyes. Coincidence?

Note the name of the stadium: Bird’s Nest; a nest to accommodate birds, or perhaps winged reptilians/serpents.

Other things present were manned flying saucers, strange 666 monocycles, and the most important of all: the Babel Tower made of piles of human bodies.

They showed a pile of bodies escalating the tower. Then the tower was struck with bolts of lightning (Usain Bolt?) that set it on fire. At this point, the eye becomes red with a “burning” yellow pupil.

The burning tower tarot card, that is often represented being struck by lightning, is interchangeable with the burning tree of life. The bolt of lightning represents the bolt of revelation, revelation to make something unknown known. All the tarot cards contain the same symbolism of a tower being destroyed by an explosive burning force, as also seem in “Nostradamus, The Lost Book”.

The burning tower is the sign of our times: there is an eerie resonance between the smoldering ruins of the World Trade Center and the tarot’s image of a falling tower, representing the collapse of elaborate and desperately held illusions.

From Wikipedia: “To some, the Tower (tarot card) symbolizes failure, ruin and catastrophe. Each card in the Major Arcana is a result of the previous. After the self bondage of The Devil, life is self correcting. Either the querents must make changes in their own lives, or the changes will be made for them.

London 2012 Olympics

As mentioned by Rik Clay, here is the full London 2012 promo video:

We have in this video:

* Flying serpents
* Little birds (remember the Bird’s Nest?)
* UFOs
* Mothership
* Huge metal serpents
* 11:11 (you can see it several times)

By the end of the video, all the serpents, birds, UFOs and the mothership come together to form the London Olympics stadium.

You can see that the CGI artists are well informed about how UFOs move. Notice that the UFOs in the video don’t just glide; they zip from one place to another.


Remember: it’s all speculation.

11 in numerology can represent a portal, like those seen in the movies: with two columns and an inter-dimensional passage in the middle. 11:11 can represent a portal and its mirror image, much like two portals are necessary for one to cross over between dimensions: one portal in the current dimension and another in the dimension beyond. Is the portal of the “other side” ready to operate? Are the two going to synchronize at 21/12/2012 at 11:11 AM/PM?

Also, another very important interpretation of number 11 is controlled evolution. The Illuminati is not necessarily evil, unless you want to call their obsessions as evil. Controlled evolution means a slow and directed evolution that every being in the universe is subject to. The Illuminati believes that they are destined to control us and lead us to the New Age (under their own terms of course). This is one of the deeper meanings of number eleven.

Suppose we had the beginning of the activation of an inter-dimensional portal at 9/11 when the towers were burnt. They gathered and probably have been gathering a LOT of emotional energy with that event. These energies started a vortex that will allow a portal to be opened in 2012. Now, here is something that they are building in Dubai:

The Palm Trump International Hotel & Tower:

Doesn’t it look like a portal? Construction is scheduled for completion in summer 2011. Does the name Trump reminds you of anything? Of course, Donald Trump!

They dropped the original pinnacle tower design:

Looks like an egg to me. It’s said that they dropped this project due to the way that shadows were cast on the surroundings.

The Dubai Trump tower is the centerpiece of the Palm Jumeirah (palm islands):

The Palm Jumeirah is an artificial island created using land reclamation by Nakheel, a company owned by the Dubai government. It is considered the Eighth Wonder of the World.

It’s amazing what is going on Dubai. There are more construction workers living there than citizens. Check this page on Dubai architecture:

What will be the role of the new London stadium during the 2012 Olympics? I wonder what will be the name of this stadium. Are the energies being invoked by the Illuminati going to manifest in 2012 during the Olympics?

There is obviously a connection between 9/11 and the burning tower symbolism, and even more “coincidences” can be found with numerology.

Another interesting bit: In the 1998 Los Angeles Olympics they closed it with an UFO entering the stadium. An alien appears, looks around and then goes back to the ship. It was totally out of context just like these unnecessary UFOs in the 2008 closing ceremonies and in the new video.

We also have the 2012 Olympics logo that when rearranged results in the word Zion being New Jerusalem. London is believed to be Zion by Rosicrucian Freemasons who rebuilt it in 1666, and USA is believed to be the New Babylon (*CONFIRM*). But they have burnt the tower of Babylon in the 2008 Olympics ceremonies, which could mean that USA might lose its supremacy. Does anybody know what the destruction of the Babel Tower could mean? What happened to Babylon?

I can say that the Illuminati seems to be in a hurry to complete the New World Order (or whatever plan they have) until 2012. Who will help them? Who are the piles of bodies escalating the tower? Did they use the soul energy of those who died in 9/11 to empower their plans? A nest for what/who? A portal? Who is going through that portal? Are we going to have UFOs showing up? A false first alien contact? A false alien invasion? Are they preparing the subconscious of people? Are they guiding people to a particular scenario that they need to manifest? Am I seeing things?

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